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Plush Carpet in Orange County

When you need plush carpet in Orange County, Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring are the professionals. Of course, when we talk about plush, we’re talking is the classic weave that many of us think of when we first think about carpet. This is a classic variety of cut pile carpeting, meaning the loops are sheered at the top after being woven into the base. This process creates a uniform, soft texture that both looks and feels great. The texture of long plush feels velvety soft, while short plush creates a soft appearance while lasting longer. It is not as dense as velvet carpet, for example, but plush is more durable, and less tough on bare feet than level loop, for example.

These small tufts are spaced very close together, which allows the fibers to feel soft and deep. This is why it is called plush carpet, because it squishes in a luxurious way underfoot. This style of woven carpet often doesn’t even need a pad underneath when it is installed, because the carpet itself is so soft. Plush carpet is very popular, because it can contrast nicely with hardwood or tile flooring in other rooms. Plush can come in a variety of colors, and regular maintenance is as simple as vacuuming, to both pull out dirt and fluff the carpet again.

The Best Carpet Selection

Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring has the largest selection of plush carpet in Mission Viejo, where our storefront is located. We are proud to have the best prices on all kinds of carpets, in all kinds of piles and patterns. Our customer service representatives can answer questions over the phone or in person, so you choose the perfect fiber, pattern, pile, and installation for your needs.

Not only do we offer plush carpet Orange County residents love, we have other types of carpet and flooring available. At Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring, we are proud to offer the biggest selection of hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring Orange County residents and business owners alike trust.