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Cut and Loop Carpet in Orange County

Want to know more about cut and loop carpet in Orange County? Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring is here to help. To start with, lush, rich patterns in the ancient style of the carpets of the East are created using a weaving technique called cut and loop. As the name implies, cut and loop carpet is a combination weave of cut carpet and loop carpet. The terms cut and loop describes the “pile,” or style of weaving used for the yarn of the carpet. “Cut” means the fabric has been sheered at the top, while “loop” refers to uncut piles. This style of carpet is produced on a loom, in a manner that is similar to how woven fabric is manufactured.

These two types of pile in combination create a unique texture. Using both cut fibers and uncut loops allows intricate designs to stand out beautifully, even without dyes or prints. The designs appear similar to bas relief artworks, and can dramatically change the aesthetics of a room. Often, many colors of yarn are used in cut and loop carpet, to enhance the pattern created from the combination of looped and cut yarn. There are, however, a few limitations to this style of carpet weaving because of the impact on the design, but there are dozens of stunning cut and loop designs to be found as well. The combination of deep colors and enticing textures can both draw the eye, and bring the beauty of a room together.

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In fact, there is only one place for cut and loop carpet Orange County residents trust, and that is Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring. We have the widest variety of beautiful carpets, like cut and loop rugs and carpets. Our staff members are glad to answer questions about all kinds of carpets, from cut and loop to shag carpet, as well as pile height, padding, patterns, installation, and maintenance. Visit us to ask about cut and loop carpet at Mission Viejo in person, or give us a call.