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Marble Countertops in Orange County

At Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring, we pride on ourselves on providing a truly outstanding selection of countertop materials, including marble. Marble is a metamorphic stone that is formed when limestone is exposed to great amounts of heat and pressure. The mineral deposits found in the natural stone give it its distinctive veined pattern. Marble is usually white, grey or beige in appearance but can also come in a variety of other colors. A marble countertop is ideal for a home renovation due to its classic beauty and versatility, and it is typically preferred for a bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Marble countertops can come in two finishes. A honed finish takes a smooth and matte appearance that make any scratches or blemishes less noticeable. A polished finish is more resistant to stains and imperfections while giving the countertop a shiny and glossy appearance.

Maintenance for marble countertops is simple. Sealing it before installation and once a year after prevents the marble from staining and changing in color caused by liquid spills, food or other materials. Avoiding acidic liquids, like lime juice, from coming into contact with a marble countertop can also prevent it from absorbing deep stains. It can also protect it from surface markings. Cleaning marble countertops only requires a small amount of soap and a pre-moistened cloth.

While it is possible for marble to age over time, many homeowners enjoy the lived-in appearance of their aging marble countertops. However, with regular maintenance and upkeep, marble countertops can keep looking just as new and polished as when they were first installed.

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