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Call  877-MY-RENOVATION  for a Free Estimate!

Interested in Laminate Floors?

There are a great many reasons why laminate flooring has become so popular in kitchens and homes across the country. Not only does it look fantastic, with a wide variety of designs and faux-looks available, but it is one of the most durable options for high traffic areas. We supply many different varieties and brands of laminate flooring, including:

  • Tecsun
  • Eternity
  • Republic Flooring
  • AJ Floors
  • Parliament
  • Bel Air
  • Oasis Laminate
  • Bausen Hardwood

Whether you are looking for new laminate flooring for its beauty, or its durability, we at Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring can provide and install the finest options at a great price. For more information about laminate flooring in general, or to schedule a consulation and estimate, call us today at 877-697-3668.