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Limestone Countertops in Orange County

When it comes to providing countertops made of quality materials, such as limestone, we at Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring can help homeowners upgrade their kitchens or bathrooms to fit the design they have in mind.

Limestone is a heat-resistant natural stone that is typically light in color. Although limestone is an attractive countertop choice, it also requires some additional  effort to maintain its lustrous appearance. As one of the more porous natural stones in comparison to marble and granite, limestone needs to be professionally sealed with a water-based sealant during installation, and every year following, in order to prevent staining. If properly maintained and cleaned, limestone countertops can retain their natural beauty indefinitely.

Caring for Limestone

It is best to clean limestone countertops with products that are specially designated for limestone countertops or with warm water and mild detergent. It is also important to use a soft washcloth rather than a sponge or other rough materials that can potentially scratch and damage the surface. Moreover, it is also recommended to protect limestone countertops from getting into contact with sharp utensils by using cutting boards and placemats while cooking or eating.

To avoid staining, limestone countertops should be wiped clean immediately after a spill occurs, especially if acidic liquids come into contact with the countertop. If a stain should occur on a limestone countertop, a store-bought or homemade poultice made by mixing flour and hydrogen peroxide can safely and effectively remove the stain without further damaging the countertop.

Pacific Kitchen Bath & Flooring: The Place for Limestone!

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